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motorbike rental phuket Driving a motorbike in Thailand is nothing like back home. There are different rules, road conditions can be bad, it looks chaotic and there are a lot of crazy tourists on the road that think they are TripleX. Be careful, drive safely! Have a look through these motorbike tips for Thailand and make sure driving a motorbike is fun and does not ruin your holiday. If you travel to Thailand it should be one big adventure. Best places for renting a motorbike is when you go

motorbike rental phuket  island hopping in Thailand.

 Many rental shops will tell “rent with insurance” but just offer just low coverage insurance compulsory by law. On this website you can make a booking (minimum 3 days), to be sure to get when arriving, the motorbike you want. We can also make a delivery to your hotel or residence. Our company wants to take care to give the most serious, reliable and honest service in Pattaya. Your motorbike will help you for the best holidays. S2P789






All our two wheels are available for short and long term contracts, and fares are degressive, so the longer you rent, the more we’ll give you a discounted price. It is makes us happy to ensure western-quality service level in Thailand for you. We want to distinguish ourselves from the competition by just such basic things as: motorbike rental phuket


motorbike rental phuket

We offer hotel pickup and delivery service.

  • Rent a motorcycle safely from a registered company in Thailand.
  • We care about your overall feeling. You will receive a clean bike and a fresh set of helmets.
  • Keep Your passport – we won’t ask you to leave your passport as a security deposit.
  • Very good technical condition of our bikes – thanks to our internal inspections.

ECONOMY Our economy motorbikes are ideal for quick and zippy rides. If you need motorbike rental phuket an affordable, reliable, and well-maintained rental motorbike, this category is for you.

Thailand tips


There is no country where it is so easy to travel around like Thailand. There is a travel agency around every corner, but it is much easier to book all your bus, boat, train and flight tickets online. Finding domestic flights in Thailand was never this easy,

just as joint tickets (boat/bus combination tickets. Try your luck below in the transportation search engine for Thailand. For example the trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. You will see all the busses, trains and flights in one go. And within a couple click your reserve your seat and get your e-ticket.